About Wypen.com

Your one stop shop for cheap flights.

Who we are

Wypen.com is your one stop shop for the cheap flight tickets for all over the globe.
Our team consists of passionate global citizens on a mission to make it possible for you to find cheap tickets for most domestic and international flights.

As one of the simplest and easy to use websites for cheap tickets, Wypen.com is an upcoming platform for the start of your next journey.

How does it work

Thanks to the latest technology we can offer you an excellent search engine and website with a user-friendly design. This combination makes it easy for you to find cheap flights from the moment you visit Wypen.com.

As we have access to a global database with around 1,100 airlines (including AirFrance/KLM & Emirates) and booking agencies, we can offer you flights in real time and compare the fares.

After choosing your preferred flight you are forwarded to the agency or airline to book your flight tickets.

Why your journey has to start with us

First of all, this service is free of charge. Thousands of globetrotters already rely on our advice and selection of the cheapest flights and best deals.

Decades of (low budget) travel experiences are bundled together in a team of experts. From old hippies to young college students, together we provide you with useful tips and travel inspiration.

As thoroughbred travellers we can honestly say that we know how an amazing travel experience starts.