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Getaway to the shores Luanda, a city in Africa’s western coastal Angola area, off of the Atlantic Ocean that offers the best of an exotic vacation complete with ocean, waterways, and green lands filled with the animals of Africa. Relax at Ilha de Luanda, which is a spit off the shore of Luanda consisting of a low, sandy strip where you will find lots of nice restaurants. While you are in Luanda, be sure to getaway to nearby Mussulo, an area covered in coconut palms, bungalows, and displaying welcoming wide sandy beaches along calm waters, and see breathtaking Kalandula Falls on the Cunene River.

Spend a day experiencing the Kisama National Park which offers all of the finest of the African bush with its enormous Baobab trees, cactus, and animals. If you are lucky, you will spot a herd of elephants, ostrich, blue wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, kudu, bushbuck, gray duiker and dik dik. Also, plan a trip down the Kwanza River that flows close to the suspension bridge that leads into Kisama Park. You will see exotic birds, monkeys, and perhaps a few crocodiles or monitor lizards. In addition to this large park, take the time to also see other National Parks in the area. If museums are more your style, the Museum of the Armed Forces or the National Museum of Slavery are sure to provide you with historical knowledge.