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Get ready for an exciting adventure in the City That Never Sleeps! When it comes to amazing destinations, New York has a lot to offer. You can start by visiting the iconic Times Square, Wall Street and of course the Statue of Liberty. Besides these must-see tourist spots, New York has a lot more to see. Book a ride to SoHo and the Meatpacking District for some fresh markets. Get your hands on the finest brands and vintage designer clothes and set yourself loose in the vibrant spirit of the City. Or if arts and culture is what really gets you excited then New York is exactly where you ought to be. From the Museum of Modern Arts to the theaters on and off Broadway, you are in for a remarkable treat. Step away from the bustling city life to catch your breath with a quiet stroll around Central Park to calm your senses. Top off your evening by dining at your choice of exquisite restaurants and bars to let the ambiance of the City capture your mind.

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