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The Glistening water of the Baltic Sea and colorful architecture surrounds Stockholm, a city that floats on water and known for its neutrality, timeless character, yet is a modern city with the ambiance of the Middle Ages. The Swedish metropolis of Stockholm is a place of elegance made up of three central islands linked with bridges. Gamla Stan contains storybook buildings, grandiose palaces, and narrow cobblestone streets. This Venice of the north was built on 14 islands and boasts beautiful seventh century buildings, the first open-air museum, small shops, arts, crafts, jewellery and fashion, one of the oldest Royal Guard at a historic Castle, a historic church, and Stadshuset Blue Hall where the Nobel Prize ceremony takes place each year.
Flourishing and prosperous, Stockholm generates excitement with its warmth and charm. Each neighbourhood has a distinct character from Vasa Museum to Medieval Museum you can seemingly travel through time with art and antiquity. Discover trend-setting design, inventive cuisine, unbeatable museums, great shopping, pretty parks and loads of atmosphere. Surrounded by pristine forests and a chain of islands, called archipelago, the capitol city of Sweden combines modern attractions with historic charm. A Stroll on the narrow cobblestone streets of Old Town and the view of picturesque bridges around the city’s canals makes you feel attached to Stockholm heritage.